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Amazing Same-Day Flower Delivery In Nairobi | The Flower Delivery | Blog
Amazing Same-Day Flower Delivery In Nairobi

Amazing Same-Day Flower Delivery In Nairobi

Flower Delivery In Nairobi

Valentine’s Day Is considered the Busiest day in the year of flower delivery In Nairobi. With Each new year getting Busier than previous. In Nairobi, this is no exception. Valentine’s Day leaves us with no energy to spare. It’s on this day that everyone wants to send Flowers. A day where everyone want to send and receive flowers.

send flowers in Nairobi

Every man is sending flowers whereas every Lady Is waiting to receive Flowers. Red roses are the most popular selection for most people. There is also pink Roses and Pink lilies. With most people preferring to Send Fresh flowers. Some people like to go with what is on the mainstream. Not Everyone, However, prefers mainstream. Some people prefer to be unique. Its always good to note that florists always Have an alternative to Roses. Please enquire with your flower shop before the day to confirm this.

Valentines Day is ultimately a day to express Love. Flowers are the perfect symbol to show that you care.

Flower Delivery In Nairobi has not yet been outshined in this digital era. In this age, people have come up with new ways of Expressing their feelings Online. Sending Emojis, Instagram Likes, Sweet Facebook comments, beautiful Whatsapp Status, and love stickers. It’s Surprising despite all this, most people, dim it perfect to get their Loved Ones a bouquet of roses.

Beautiful Flowers are the Ultimate Valentines Day Gifts. Flower Delivery Ke are always there to Help, Make this a reality. With a steadfast same Day delivery and coverage of a wide area in Nairobi and in other local towns In Kenya. They offer both Flowers and other assortments including Cute Teddy bears, Amazing Wines, and Sweet Chocolates specifically for Valentine’s day. This is Available for delivery together With Your lovely choice of Flowers.

Great discount Is always offered for Clients who Purchase Before Valentine’s day. As a buyer, you are also able to make custom Arrangements for your Bouquet of choice. Last Minute may deny you the Chance to Do Changes to your Order, due to the high demand.

The flowers are delivered to any office or Home in Nairobi and Any towns Of Kenya.

Most Men prefer to send the flowers at their Loves place of Work. Leaving the ladies excited and Boasting to their Colleagues all day long. Your Lady will be the Talk of the office. If you happen to do this. Leaving Her excited than ever. Ladies love attention. Right? Whereas some People are sent flowers to their office, some are always Eagerly waiting for a knock at their door. Expecting to see the face of the flower delivery guy. Its always a moment everyone cherishes. Sometimes It comes. Sometimes It doesn’t. Leaving Others In great disappointments.

Flower delivery In nairobi

Besides Valentine Flowers, Our flower shop In Nairobi Offers Flowers for other Events Including Mothers day, birthday Flowers, Christmas day flowers, flowers for your anniversary, condolence and Sympathy flowers and Much More.

Flowers provided by Flower delivery Ke are Fresh from the Best Local farms In Kenya. Sourcing flowers as far As Kisumu whereas sourcing Other Flowers Just as close as Kiambu. This Offers their Clients with the best flower Quality at the Best and Competitive Prices.

Flowers for Valentine’s day come In different Shapes and Sizes. There are Single rose, bouquets Of Dozen roses, 2 dozen roses, 3, Big Bouquets, Basket Arrangements and Even Extra flower arrangements. There is also a wide selection of plants to choose from. This Goes out Great for people who want something that would last longer. It’s always different to send Plants when everyone is thinking Roses.

A standard Bouquet of roses is the most popular choice for most people. The Flower Shop Is always willing to offer you with what would work for you and Your Loved. Some people Like keeping it simple whereas others Love to be the talk of the town.

Being the Busiest day in the Calendar Of Florists, its always advisable to order your Valentines Day flowers ahead of time.

Last-minute ordering Limits the Possibility of Having Choice and also the discount aspect. You may also find the flowers out of Stock. Which is not a good thing. This is greatly encouraged By Contacting Flower delivery Ke. On Normal days you find them offering same-day delivery of flowers In just less than 3 hours.

Guide On Choosing Mothers Day Flowers In 2020

Flowers are quite important in our lives. They always have Flowered on every important stage of our lives. Whether for Mothers Day, Birthdays, welcoming a new-born into the world, anniversary Proposal, wedding flowers, and Even Condoling the bereaved. Flowers are always with Us In every part of Our Lives. Both in good and In bad times.

Flowers are always perfect in showing our gratitude to Our Beloved Mothers, more specifically on Mothers Day.

With this day Celebrated only Once In a year, it can be a quite daunting task to Choose the perfect Mothers day flowers or Gifts. All of us would Agree, Mothers can Be Choosy and Hard To shop for. Mothers Day being dedicated to exclusive celebrate them.

It’s always considered appropriate, to consider, not only something that your Mom would want but something she would Love. Something that would make them feel much loved and appreciated. Something that would leave them Happier and wanting to see what would be in-store same-day Next Year.

The different sizes that come with flowers, types, colors, budgets, scents and Packaging’s that come with Mothers day really make the process of choosing quite confusing for the first time buyer.

However, we have a quick guide to Make the process fun and easy for you.

With the experience of working in the best flower shop In Nairobi, we have Laid Out Important factors you would consider and which you would prioritize.

Despite our well elaborate guide, it always advisable to have an idea of what your Mother Loves. Does She Love Bright Colours, does she Prefer Scented Flowers. Is She a fan Of Roses or Lilies. This greatly helps to get her Just The Perfect Mothers Day bouquet or arrangement. She deserves only the Best.

  1. Meaning:- Some flowers have their own representation. For Mothers day, It’s the Lilies. They Symbolize Motherhood. With their vibrant and scented nature, your Mother will sure Love them. Can either be arranged in a bouquet or in a basket.
  1. Official Flower:- Carnation have far been The Official Flowers for mothers day. They were the First flowers given By The Founder Of Mothers day, Anna Jarvis, in 1908. Pink Carnations work best. They represent long Living and beauty. They are as well beautiful Flowers. Carnations are available In Kenya in different colors. Carnations have a long Life span. Longer Than Roses.
  1. Budget:- Why Not go for roses? They are Cheaper, compared with other types of flowers. They also come in different colors. Roses are guaranteed not to hurt your bank account on Mothers day. There are also cheaper alternatives to roses. Alstroemeria, Gypsofilla and even Ruscus.
  1. Style and Trends:- With Moms being different Also comes to Their Styles. Both Modern and Traditional Moms have different tastes and Different Styles. The Modern Mother Would appreciate a more artistic Flower Arrangement, with The Traditional Mother Appreciating a basket of flower More. Orchids are Flowers or the Modern Woman. A traditional mother opting for tropical flowers e.g Birds of paradise, greens, and Lilies
  1. Meaning:- What would be your Preferred message that you want to pass to Your Mum. Flowers have meaning. So are their Colours. Red Represents desire, yellow means Jealousy. Any Florist In Nairobi should greatly help you with This understanding and Also considering What’s is in season at the time.

It’s always good to Consider personalization as you consider the perfect gift for Mothers day. Who Doesn’t Like personalized gifts anyway? Be Sure To Put a personalized Card with a cute Mothers day message together with Your Flowers. A nice Mothers day Ribbon would also work magic.

Mothers love chocolates as Well. A box of chocolates would be a perfect accompaniment to your Flowers. White Chocolates always hit it Better.

Our Wish is for you to  have a perfect Mothers day Sunday.


Our Detailed Guide On sending Funeral And Sympathy Flowers

Death is inevitable. Death is for the Living. Those left behind. It leaves One’s Emotions feeling High In anguish, Sad and Heavy.

The passing of A loved One is Devastating. It leaves those close to them shattered and Heartbroken. It Marks a different moment in their lives that will never be forgotten. Knowing that they will never see their Loved ones Ever again.

The Pain and anguish of Losing a Loved One is Best felt By those people who were close to them. In Most cases Their Close Family Members. Either their Mother, sons, daughters, siblings, Wife’s or Husbands. No one Understand the Loss of a loved one better than the People close to him or her.

Families are meant to be there to support each other, especially during such times. It’s Hard to Imagine How one would go through this alone, without a family to stand By them. This is where Cousins and Extended family Members Come in. They May Not feel the pain as much as you do, But Their presence Makes you want to live to see another day. Their Support, concern, care, and Condolences are Best felt during these times. Make one feel that you are not alone.

During this time, the Culture of Sending flowers creates a Big Difference.

With It being In existence for more than a hundred years. Flowers are always a perfect symbol of condolence.

send flowers in nairobi

You may send flowers In Nairobi to either to pay your last respects to the deceased or, to console the grieving family.

Flowers work greatly in each of these ways. Flowers are always there to signify your Love support and Care.

Funeral and Sympathy flowers, however, Come In different shapes, colors and sizes. Knowing which flowers to send sometimes can be Daunting. It’s always important to consider Some few aspects to guide you in the process.

  1. Religious factors: Some Religions are open to having flowers at the Funeral. Some Don’t. It’s always important to Consider The Religious Background Of the Deceased prior to sending flowers.
  1. Flower colors: White is always a perfect color to Use in your choice of with funeral or Sympathy Flowers. White Symbolizes peace and perfect For the occasion. Different types of flowers are available in this color. Roses, Gladiolas, roses, Carnation, and Lilies. It is also accepted for One to Go with their personal choice of color. Pink and Purple associated with cancer would Be perfect if the Bereaved suffered cancer.
  1. Your relationship with the Deceased: It would Be perfect to Send specific colors if they associate your interactions with the Deceased. It would be considered appropriate to Send Red flowers for someone you loved. Red flowers Signify Love. It’s also most appropriate to choose a color Which goes Along with What the Departed Loved. Maybe He Greatly appreciated Blue. Then Blue Flowers would be perfect, as their symbol Of sympathy. Mixed Bright Colours would be perfect for a departed artist. As their life if all about colors.
  1. The Mode of Burial: As you choose to send funeral flowers, it is always thoughtful to consider the type of Burial. Would be through cremation or Burial. Flowers are not considered important In Cremation. As all the Family want are the Ashes.

If Unsure about What Type Of Flower to send, always feel free to Talk to a Florist. At Flower Delivery Ke, They Have more than 10 years of experience arranging Funeral Flowers. Their Skill and Advise is Unbeatable.

Our  Flower Shop will also not Make Your Flowers, They will have them delivered your location Of Choice or a Funeral home in Nairobi. We Deliver to Lee Funeral Home, Umash Funeral Home, Montezuma and Monalisa Funeral home, and any Other funeral Home. They are also able to deliver this for you physically to the funeral. Their Delivery Services cover Different town Including Nayuki, Nairobi, Nyeri, Mombasa, and Kisumu.

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