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Flower Delivery FAQ | The Flower Delivery | Nairobi's Premier Florist

Flower Delivery FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions



Where do you Deliver?

We Deliver all across Nairobi and In Local towns In Kenya. Deliveries In nairobi Are Handled Within a 2-hour Timeline, Whereas those going To Local towns In Kenya Are Delivered Next Day. This Towns Include Nyeri, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Naivasha and Nanyuki.

Do the flowers Come In A vase?

Flowers that are shown to contain Vases in the product Photos always come In A Vase. unless Otherwise communicated.


Our Flowers Are Delivered same day Between Monday and Saturday. Only Prior Placed Orders are Delivered On Sunday. Orders placed On Sunday are Delivered On Monday.

Can You deliver In a specific time?

We Can’t Guarantee you a delivery In a specific time, But we will do our Best to Make sure It Gets there at The time. Or Even Earlier. If You Would Wish to have your Flowers delivered in a specific Time, please remember to Include this In your order Note on the Checkout.

What happens if the recipient is Not In at The Time of Delivery?

In some Instances, Its may be hard to reach the recipient.Maybe Not at Home, In a Meeting. At Flower Delivery ke, We Always try to reach the recipient on Phone to Get their Preferred Place of Delivery. Imf Unsuccessful, your Delivery May Be slotted In for the Next day.

How Do I Know That My Flowers have been Delivered?

At Flower Delivery ke, We Will constantly send you Updates On the progress of your order. This Will Keep you On the Know on where your order is and the Speculated Delivery time.

What if I don’t Have a complete Address, Phone Number?

Please contact us Via Whatsapp on Number +254724944778 and We will more Than Willing to help you complete your order, even with the Missing details.

For far In advance Should I place My order?

Orders Placed on the same day before 3Pm Kenyan Time are Delivered the same Day. Orders going Out of Nairobi, Needs to Be placed at least a day in advance.

Can I get a Photo of My Flowers Before Delivery?

Sure. We Would love to send you a Photo of the flowers you orders before they head Out For Delivery. Please remember to Include this On your order Notes as you place your order.

Will you Call the recipient Before Delivery of My Flowers?

We Only do call The recipient. If requested to do so. Otherwise, We let the aspect of Surprise flow by Showing Up unexpectedly to the Mentioned Location.

What form of payments Do You accept?

We allow Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Mpesa and Wave. If Thinking Of Other Options, Kindly Talk to Us. We would gladly Advice on their availability and How to go about it.

Do You Have a Physical Location in Nairobi?

Sure. Our address Is 27 Monrovia Street, Nairobi, Kenya.

Can I Send Flowers on Sunday and Public holidays

Sure. This is very Much Possible With Us. You are  however to Place your order a day In advance to facilitate This. If Shop is Closed, We will sure send communication or else provide a banner On the website.

how do I take care of My flowers?

At the flower Shop, we recommend putting the flowers away from Direct Sunlight. The Flowers also come with Flower Food attached. Be sure to add this to the Water  for a Longer Vase Life of your Flowers.

how can I contact you?

We are available day and Night for all your enquires. We are available on WhatsApp/ Call on +254724944779 our via email: info@theflowerdelivery.co.ke

can i send my order as anonymous?


Our website provides an option to on the second page of the checkout.

If you don´t wish the receiver of the message to know who sent the flowers, No One will Mention it either.

Got an Enquiry?
+254 724 944 778

Our address Is 27 Monrovia Street, Nairobi, Kenya




CALL/WHATSAPP +(254)(0) 724944779