COVID- 19 has by large affected  the global Flower economy. Flower shops and the bigger flower Industry haven’t been spared either. Large Flower farms In Kenya continue to make massive Losses attributed to the delayed and even cancelled flights and even Clients Canceling or even holding Back their orders. 


This has seen 100’s of Flower farm workers been laid off; unknown to what the future holds for them. This hasn’t spared the local retail flower delivery services.


At the Flower Delivery ke, COVID-19 has seen us scale down operation but with a clear focus with Our Clients requirements.  Making sure they remain unaltered. This has been highly attributed By the high Uncertainty of the Business Environment and also by the never ending new government regulations that aim to restrict the spread of this Highly Infectious Disease.


We however have customized our services to Ensure That your flower delivery services are less or, Not affected at all.


We as well continue to Monitor the situation closely to Ensure That we service our Clients with continuos updates.


During this time, The Flower Delivery ke, we are Even more responsive to your enquiries, price quotes and even order Updates.


With most businesses in Nairobi having their doors closed in  this pandemic, we would wish to encourage the use of our customer friendly Online retail services for all your flower delivery needs.Our website has all you would need from our catalog of Products, contact details and even order payment systems. 


As a precaution, we would wish to state that our deliveries are being made contact free to safeguard the safety of all those involved. This Will involve the placing of the flowers at the doorstep,  knocking and stepping back for the recipient. We have  also suspended all the paper signings of the deliveries to reduce the contact with the Delivery people.




Our Prices remain unchanged through this season, giving you an amazing reason to continue sending flowers to your loved ones in Nairobi, either for Birthdays, anniversaries or Just because.


The flower delivery times also remain unchanged to ensure that the Occasion remains uninterrupted. 


We remain open to service your flower orders. Our Website is also happy to recieve all your enquiries. Feel Free to send us an  email at [email protected] anytime. Day or Night. We will have you a reply faster than you expected it.



Our Top priority is  keeping Our community safe and COVID Free. We will continue to assess the Situation and Offer updates in good time to Make sure you make nothing but the best flower Delivery decisions.




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