Choosing Your Wedding Flowers. Best Wedding Florists in Nairobi

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers. Best Wedding Florists in Nairobi

Complete Guide on Choosing Your Wedding Flowers by the Best Wedding Florists in Nairobi.

The Discussion On your wedding flowers always Starts At the Flower Shop. With the most important piece being the bridal Bouquet. This particular Piece often sets then standards for the other Flowers. The bridal bouquet However Comes in different styles, Sizes, and Shapes.

Before your visit to the flower shop, it is always important to consider the following: This clears the way and Make it easier for you both In selecting the Perfect Flowers for Your wedding. The factors include:

  • A list of the flowers you would wish to have in your wedding ceremony.
  • Pictures and Colors Of the Gowns to be worn By Your best ladies and Bridesmaids.
  • Your Wedding reception setup. Will be a dinner setup or an open Setup. Table shapes and sizes.
  • The Number Of people that will need Flowers In your Wedding.
  • Sample pictures of flowers you would prefer.

These details Are preferable sent prior to meeting the florist. This will give her a perfect picture of what to expect. And also What You Would Like for your wedding.

Guide On choosing your wedding flowers In nairobi

With this, the florist is also able to help you choose your Wedding Flower Prepare in relation to the pictures. Helping You Narrow down to What You would Want, for your flowers. It is always Important to Mention if you will Be intending to Have a themed Wedding.

A themed Wedding always has its own set rules. This ensures that the Florist Will Only get you whatever Goes as per Your theme.

Different flowers are available at different times of the year. It is always important to Put That into Considerations as you set the list of your Wedding flowers.

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It’s always important to Let the Florist Know if you Would Be Planning to do an Indoor or an outdoor wedding event as it greatly helps In flower selection. Some Flowers Don’t Cope Well with the Scorching sun whereas some may be too Dull for an indoor Event. It’s always Important to factorize the variable of the flowers which would include their diameter and their Complexion.

Most Wedding Florists in Nairobi and Mombasa always required a deposit fee In order to secure the date for your event.

The deposit comes as a percentage of the total cost. With this, it’s always important to ensure that you get the best value for each of the flowers you choose. There is always a temptation of Spending More on the bridal bouquet. It is, however, advisable to keep the Cost Close to what you Maybe spending on other Flowers. Accompanying Include corsages, buttonholes, Tiaras, walkways, flower arch and bride flowers.

Guide On choosing your wedding flowers In nairobi

It’s always advisable to Narrow down to using Less variety of flowers. The More varieties, the higher the chances of raising your Final Bill. The types of flowers used also tend to determine the total cost. It’s always important to find a balance. E.g. Lillies are Nice. But Expensive. Why Not replace Lilies with some closer alternatives such as Gladiolus or even Gerberas.

Always Avoid matching your Wedding with major flower dates Including Easter Holidays, Valentines Day or Christmas. During this time, the demand of Flowers is high. Hence the cost of Purchasing the Same flowers.

Prior To your Wedding. Always make a point Of discussing the Venue of the wedding with the florist. Either around Nairobi or on the Outskirts Of Nairobi. This greatly helps the florists in the purpose of planning. If the wedding is to be held outside Nairobi, the Florist may opt To arrange the Flowers onsite. This is perfect as help Minimize the damages Associated With Moving Flowers from one place to another.

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Times Of your Wedding is equally important. Would You want the flowers to arrive a day before, 3 hours before or hour to the wedding. It’s always important to leave someone In charge as well. Its is Impossible for the Bride to handle any Changes on a specific day. The person should be in a position to make a major decision in case anything arises.

Wedding flowers DIY is good. But Not at the day of the wedding. What will happen if you will not be able to perfect the wedding flowers? You will leave your wedding looking funny.

Leave the task of choosing Your wedding Flowers To the florists. We have amazing florists In Nairobi who have experience arranging wedding flowers. They Will sure leave your with beautiful flowers for your wedding.

Have a happy Planning. Won’t You?

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