The Perfect Guide on Choosing A wedding Bridal Bouquet In Nairobi

The Perfect Guide on Choosing A wedding Bridal Bouquet In Nairobi

Guide on Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bridal Bouquet In Nairobi.

It’s always challenging trying to Choose a perfect bridal Bouquet in Nairobi. As your wedding day Nears, the more complicated it may seem to make the selection. The selection, however, Is made Easy if you are able to Build The task around Some questions.


  • Which month Is your wedding Falling In?
  • What Is your wedding Theme Colours?
  • What would be the location of your wedding? Are you planning to hold the wedding In Nairobi, Meru, Embakasi, Nakuru or On the Lavish Lodges of Naivasha?
  • How will your wedding setup be? Are you planning to Have a traditional wedding? A formal Wedding, around Table wedding or on an Open-Ground wedding.
  • How is Your Complexion? Are you Slim, with some extra weight on, short Or Long.
  • Do you have some Specific flowers that you dim desired as part of your Wedding? Either carnations, roses, lilies, Hydrangeas or Tulips?
  • What is the Colour and Style Of your Wedding Gown? Is It Open or Closed, Long or Fairytale style?
  • How is the setup of the rest of your Flowers? The Centerpieces, walkway Flowers and Even the dinner flowers? Would you want something similar or do you want something completely Separate?
  • What flowers are In Season at The time? 
  • Do you want to stick to the Tropical Flowers or contemporary one including roses, which are grown in the Farms all year round?
  • What Ideas do you have for your  Bouquet? Do you Want a falling Bouquet, do you want a roses only Bouquet? Do you want Something Big, or do you just prefer something you Can easily hold? (You can easily Hold any of  them)



It is always important to Highlight and discuss this With your Wedding florist. Whether you Will contact the florist Online or Via the phone. Or even taking time to do Physical visits.

It’s always important in letting the florist understand your Choice of other Attire including gown and Shoes. Creating a bridal bouquet that matches this will to your best Benefit. If possible, it’s always good to Show pictures to Your Florist. This will give her a complete idea of the items.

How much does a Bridal Bouquet In Nairobi, Cost?

This Greatly Varies with among other things including size, make and also the type of flowers used. Most bridal bouquets range between KES. 2500 and KES. 4500

Amazing Same-Day Flower Delivery In Nairobi

If you happen to visit the florist before making a selection of other items, such as shoes and gown, would be nice if you are able to make a few different selections of the available bridal Bouquets so as you are able to finalize on your Best piece later.

Its however recommended that you make complete Decisions at least a few weeks to the wedding. At The Flower delivery Ke, you are allowed at least a month to Make complete Booking of your wedding bouquet. This gives the flower shop in Nairobi enough time to Book and Have your Flowers ready. All set and waiting for the day of your wedding. If making decisions out of Nairobi, Please contact them via Email or Whatsapp to let them know of any changes.

12 Great Reasons Why Send Flowers In Nairobi With The Flower Delivery ke

If it comes to a  time that you are not really sure about the selection. The Flower Delivery Ke are always here to help. They pride with Wedding Bouquet Specialists that will offer you custom and dedicated Advice all based on your requirements and what you would prefer in your bridal Bouquet.

The Flower Delivery Ke, they offer you both fresh and artificial flowers. They offer perfect wedding Bouquet solutions for Both. with great customer service and amazing prices. How would you want More?


Their Florist Have years of experience in the field and therefore Guaranteed to Offer you the best advice on this. You can Never Go wrong with this Flower Shop in Nairobi. They also offer same-day delivery of your Bouquets all across Nairobi. Delivery outside Nairobi is catered for the next day. Their webshop Offers you a wide variety to choose from for Different `Budgets. Both Big and small. You are also able to order and pay online. They accept Mpesa and major Credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. Talk to them today!

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