Covid-19 Update
COVID- 19 has by large affected  the global Flower economy. Flower shops and the bigger flower Industry haven’t been spared either. Large Flower farms In Kenya continue to make massive Losses attributed to the delayed and even cancelled flights and even Clients Canceling or even holding Back their orders.    This has seen 100’s of […]
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Amazing Same-Day Flower Delivery In Nairobi
Flower Delivery In Nairobi Valentine’s Day Is considered the Busiest day in the year of flower delivery In Nairobi. With Each new year getting Busier than previous. In Nairobi, this is no exception. Valentine’s Day leaves us with no energy to spare. It’s on this day that everyone wants to send Flowers. A day where […]
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Choosing Your Wedding Flowers. Best Wedding Florists in Nairobi
Complete Guide on Choosing Your Wedding Flowers by the Best Wedding Florists in Nairobi. The Discussion On your wedding flowers always Starts At the Flower Shop. With the most important piece being the bridal Bouquet. This particular Piece often sets then standards for the other Flowers. The bridal bouquet However Comes in different styles, Sizes, […]
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Complete Guide to Send Flowers in Kenya
Complete Guide to Send Flowers in Kenya It’s always an amazing experience Send Flowers in Kenya This works as the Best gesture for Your loved ones in Kenya. Sending Flowers Absolutely shows your level of Care and Compassion. Either If you are in the country or abroad. With Numerous companies offering flower delivery in Kenya, […]
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The Perfect Guide on Choosing A wedding Bridal Bouquet In Nairobi
Guide on Choosing The Perfect Wedding Bridal Bouquet In Nairobi. It’s always challenging trying to Choose a perfect bridal Bouquet in Nairobi. As your wedding day Nears, the more complicated it may seem to make the selection. The selection, however, Is made Easy if you are able to Build The task around Some questions. Which […]
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